Create your social eCommerce strategy with Xiaohongshu

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Delivered by Elaine Wong/Founder of Double V

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1. Create your social eCommerce strategy with Xiaohongshu Your insider into China market COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
3. Our Areas ✓ Specalized in Little Red Book/ RED/ XIAOHONGSHU ✓ Brand Consultation & competitor analysis ✓ eCommerce Shop Setup & Operation ✓ SEO, KOL Marketing ✓ Branding with Official brand account setup & operation ✓ Logistics & cross border payment support COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
5. What is Xiaohongshu? • Also known as RED/ Littleredbook • One of the very few ones jointly invested by Tencent & Alibaba • 100 million users, 4 million daily active users • 88% are female, 65% age under 30 • Highly community and content driven • Successfully created and built up the “RED” Style (种草,小红薯,606) • Integration of Social media + eCommerce + Branding Rank No. 1 in Social eCommerce App COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
6. Who are the users? HIGH QUALITY USERS 3rd Tier 17% Others Super 1st 7% Tier 13% High Higher Middle Middle 2nd Tier 19% 1st Tier 44% Lower Middle Low 8.29% 2.79% 29.38% 23.05% 36.49% RED Users by City Tiers RED Users by Purchasing Power COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
7. Insider tips: Men’s outfit: 176K posts  Largest categories: Beauty, skin care, cosmetics, baby & maternity, health care supplement, fashion  Upcoming: Travelling, men products related  Strengthening social to ecommerce: Spread your brand and product over the platform, create your good content Cosmetics: 3.7m posts Featured posts: Small KOLs COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
8. How to create your social eCommerce strategy? COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
9. 1. Build your presence in the user community • Started being purely an online community to allow users share good things in their daily life. With a strong user base, Little Red Book developed it’s ecommerce stream =>>User sharing is the core value • Users do not always visit the platform with a specific purpose, but they will be driven by what people recommend on the platform =>>Highly content driven platform COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
10. Examples COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING Create buzz about your brand and product using the unique RED keywords & style (种 草、小红薯、安利、c 位出道、pick…..)
11. 2. Link up your shop with social – Official Brand Account • Serves as the mini website and official communication channel with users • Strengthen brand credibility by using the official account to comment on user post & interact with other users • Deliver official brand messages (on the brand, products, promotion etc) • To be linked to your online shop COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
12. Online shop • Supports cross border ecommerce: Overseas business registration, bank account and trade mark to open the shop • Supports overseas payment settlement with Sellers: Receive HKD, RMB or USD with HK or overseas bank acocunt • Supports cross border logistics: Warehouse in Hong Kong, Europe, Australia, U.S.A, total 7 warehouses. Supports logistics from overseas to last mile delivery in China right to the customers’ hands COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
13. Insider tips: KOL (influencer) & content Visitors % Purchase % Community posts Search Shop By category COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
14. Dyson Airwrap
15. Introducing Antoine Bunel 安闹闹 K O L influencer French Chef Multilingual Host COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING Super Dad
16. 3 Douyin 5 0 k fans 46 million Total Views 15 million Top Video 2 million Total Likes 1 4 0 k Yi Z h i B o fans 30 million Total Views 100k Avg Views 1 3 0 k Weibo fans Top Live stream 3.6m audience COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
17. TOP 100 influencer in China Specialised in the Chinese market for Western brands and culture Our team and KOL Antoine Bunel provide: -Creative marketing strategy andexecution -Short videos, live stream,articles -Social mediamarketing -Vast resources & network ➢ Areas: F&B, Child/ parent, Travel, Men’s grooming, Fashion, Lifestyle ➢ Channels: Weibo, Douyin, YiZhiBo, Little Red Book (exclusive) ➢ Offline events: Guest, Host COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING
18. Stay tuned! Double V complete guideline on Xiaohongshu, launching in Dec 2018 Email: Tel: +852 3575 0899 (Hong Kong) Website: Linkedin: Double V. Consulting WeChat: elainew_ew WeChat Your insider into China market Linkedin COPYRIGHT@DOUBLEVCONSULTING