T Mobile Store Locator Serverless Journey with Knative and Kubernetes Ram Gopinathan, T Mobile


2019/03/16 发布于 技术 分类

1. T-Mobile StoreLocator Serverless journey with Knative & Kubernetes
2. About Me • Ram Gopinathan • Full stack engineer with 22+ years of experience building web, mobile and distributed systems. • Golang and Java Developer • Core focus on docker, kubernetes, DCOS and cloud native applications • Multi-cloud experience (Azure, AWS, GCP)
3. This talk is not about teaching you what Knative is…
4. Focused on how Knative is used in a real world enterprise use case
5. What engineers need… • Focus on writing business logic • Free from managing and operating k8s Infrastructure • Ship code to production faster with minimum risk • Observability
6. Architecture Guiding Principles • Reduce time to value • API first • Secure by design • Performance and Scalability • Monitor and Measure • Standardized around docker and kubernetes • Multi-cloud and workload portability
7. Bit of History…
8. Why not use serverless in public cloud? • Cloud Provider lock-in • No portability story • Not an option for OnPremises workloads
10. ● Set of primitives (build, events, serving...) ● Solves for modern development patterns ● Implements learnings from Google, partners github.com/knative Ingredients for Serverless Join Knative community knative/docs/community Have questions? Knative.slack.com Knative News? @KnativeProject Simple Automatic Extendable 1-click build and deploy, configurable when you need to Automatically deploys containers and provision ingress Easy to configure event sources Source to container or URL safely within your cluster Scale based on requests Scale down to zero Plugable event bus and persistence
11. StoreLocator – Initial Architecture
12. StoreLocator – Current Architecture
14. Next steps… • Opensource the dataset • Multi-tenant • Build web, mobile and auto experiences • Leverage Build Pipelines • Digital Assistant Integration • Integration with third party services such as Lyft and Uber
15. Summary • Most of our Architecture guiding principles were met right out of the gate by Knative • Future of Serverless and Cloud Native App development • Find a use case, build a POC, test drive all the Knative components, • Join the community, provide feedback • Enhance and Improve
16. Q/A Getting in touch • Blog: http://rprakashg.io/blog • Twitter: http://twitter.com/rprakashg • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rprakashg • Email: mailto:ramprakash.gopinathan@tmobile.com