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1. SESSION ID: SBX5-W1 Engaging the Media Rob Sloan Research Director, WSJ Pro Dow Jones & Co, The Wall Street Journal #RSAC
2. #RSAC Hello! Resume: – Research Director at WSJ Pro – Response Director at Context IS – Various Cyber Roles in UK Government Focus: – Provide business-focused cybersecurity analysis – Weekly column for WSJ Pro newsletter – Deliver events 2
3. #RSAC
4. The Four Types of Media Expert The All-Rounder – A trusted pair of hands at respected organization who can share expert opinion and insight on any broad or narrow cybersecurity topic The Content Contributor – Has relevant expertise that adds insight and credibility to a story. May be one of several contributors to an article The Role Model – Holds a position of influence and is seen as the source of wisdom and leadership. Extensive quoting or focus of the story The Thought Leader – An expert who doesn’t wait for the story and writes their own content to educate others on issues they think should be heard 4 #RSAC
5. #RSAC Consider the Audience • Think about your audience • Plan your arguments and evidence • Think about how you come across • Don’t count the ‘likes’ • Get straight to the point • Illustrate with real examples • Less is often more
6. #RSAC Engaging Journalists • Put yourself in the journalist’s shoes. Understand their requirement and constraints • Personal meetings are trickier to arrange, but more likely to be productive • Be prepared. Be flexible. Be available • Don’t expect sponsorship to open doors
7. #RSAC Apply • Map your customers’ media landscape • Build your profile to highlight your expertise • Write regularly, even if no one is reading • Identify outlets and individuals to engage • Commit to short and longer term goals • Practice writing pitches and ask for feedback
8. Successful Approach, Unsuccessful Execution Dr. Robert E Kelly Professor of International Relations in the Political Science and Diplomacy Department of Pusan National University in Busan, Korea Online resume, links to articles and publications, contact details, samples of writing, photo 8 #RSAC
9. Successful Approach, Unsuccessful Execution 9 #RSAC