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3. 基于“天人合一”的古老东方哲学, ICICLE 之禾从大自然中精选高品质的原料, 并以对环境负责任的态度加以再造, 摒弃多余设计,展示天然之美。 旨在为全情投入的工作者, 提供舒适、自然的通勤体验。 ICICLE’s philosophy is ‘MADE IN EARTH’, a caring approach to fashion combining natural fabrics, simple design, and environmentally respectful production methods. ICICLE products are made of pure, natural materials and colors, among which organic cotton, linen, silk, wool and their purposeful blends create an unmatched comfort and natural elegance.
4. 之禾时尚实业集团 之禾集团创立于 1997 年,在中国拥有 3 家直属工厂, 216 家店铺。分销渠道包括直营店铺, 特许经营,以及线上销售。 ICICLE 之禾是以时装为核心,高端的环保生活方式品牌。为之禾集团旗下唯一品牌。 ICICLE Group Istablished in !997, ICICLE Group owns 3 factories and has 216 stores in China. The distribution includes retail, franchises, and E-commerce. ICICLE is a high-end and Eco-friendly fashion & lifestyle brand. It is the only brand owned by the group.
5. ICICLE WOMEN (1997) ICICLE PARIS (2014) ICICLE MEN (2011) 天然、舒适的通勤时装 Natural, comfortable and professional fashion. ICICLE ACCESSORIES (2016) ICICLE ECO BABE (2010)
6. 自然、放松的零售体验 Quality shopping experience with friendly environment.
7. 之禾时尚产业园(上海)建设中 Shanghai ICICLE INDUSTRIAL PARK (Under construction) 以制造做为品牌的核心竞争力 Strong modern manufacturing ability.
8. 具备四年运行基础的之禾巴黎中心 4 years experience of ICICLE PARIS Center.
10. 之禾 20 年自然之旅静态巡展 ICICLE 20Y’s Made in Earth Story exhibition
12. 时装周品牌之旅现场效果图 The perspective of the Shanghai Fashion week event
13. 当代水墨画家何兮父子展 The Exhibition of Chinese artist HE Xi and HE Ji-er
14. 洪晃新书《之禾的秘密》 读者见面会。 嘉宾:当当创始人李国庆、中国服装论坛副秘书长王军 < ICICLE’s SECRET> Reader’s meeting: Hung Huang w/ Li Guoqing, Wang Jun
15. ICICLE 之禾二十周年自然之旅