Aliware Open Source 深圳站 PPT 阿里巴巴李维军 Apache RocketMQ 持续集成


2019/03/24 发布于 技术 分类

1. Al iw ar e阿 里 中 间 件 Apache RocketMQ 2018.07.29
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3. 件 间 中 里 e阿 ar iw Al * * Apache RocketMQ * Apache RocketMQ
4. Al 件 间 中 里 e阿 ar iw * * * * * bug
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6. 间 中 iw ar e阿 里 Apache RocketMQ Al * Jenkins * Jenkins 件 Jenkins
7. Jenkins iw ar e阿 里 中 间 件 java Al * * * * *
8. 间 e阿 里 Analyzer iw ar 3 IT Al 1 中 2 UT 件 Jenkins Apache RocketMQ 4 Sonar 15min 4 executor
9. Jenkins Apache RocketMQ iw ar e阿 里 中 间 件 Jacoco Al * * gitlab
10. 间 中 iw ar e阿 里 Apache RocketMQ Al * Sonar * Sonar 件 Sonar
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13. Issue The issue tracker is **ONLY** used for bug report and feature request. Keep in mind, please check whether there is an existing same report before your raise a new one. 间 件 * e阿 里 中 * **BUG REPORT** 1. Please describe the issue you observed: * - What did you do (The steps to reproduce)? * - What did you expect to see? * - What did you see instead? * 2. Please tell us about your environment: * 3. Other information (e.g. detailed explanation, logs, related issues, suggestions how to fix, etc): Al iw ar *
14. Issue 件 * **FEATURE REQUEST** 1. Please describe the feature you are requesting. * 2. Provide any additional detail on your proposed use case for this feature. * 3. Indicate the importance of this issue to you (blocker, must-have, should-have, nice-tohave). Are you currently using any workarounds to address this issue? * 4. If there are some sub-tasks using -[] for each subtask and create a corresponding issue to map to the sub task: * * * - [sub-task1-issue-number](example_sub_issue1_link_here): sub-task1 description here, - [sub-task2-issue-number](example_sub_issue2_link_here): sub-task2 description here, - ... Al iw ar e阿 里 中 间 *
15. Pull requests Please do not create a Pull Request without creating an issue first. ## What is the purpose of the change ## Brief changelog ## Verifying this change * Follow this checklist to help us incorporate your contribution quickly and easily. * - [x] Make sure there is a Github issue filed for the change (usually before you start working on it). Trivial changes like typos do not require a Github issue. Your pull request should address just this issue, without pulling in other changes - one PR resolves one issue. - [ ] Format the pull request title like `[ISSUE #123] Fix UnknownException when host config not exist`. Each commit in the pull request should have a meaningful subject line and body. - [ ] Write a pull request description that is detailed enough to understand what the pull request does, how, and why. - [ ] Write necessary unit-test(over 80% coverage) to verify your logic correction, more mock a little better when cross module dependency exist. If the new feature or significant change is committed, please remember to add integration-test in [test module]( - [ ] Run `mvn -B clean apache-rat:check findbugs:findbugs checkstyle:checkstyle` to make sure basic checks pass. Run `mvn clean install -DskipITs` to make sure unit-test pass. Run `mvn clean testcompile failsafe:integration-test` to make sure integration-test pass. - [ ] If this contribution is large, please file an [Apache Individual Contributor License Agreement]( * * * * * Al iw ar e阿 里 中 间 件 * * * *
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