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1. P O R T F O L Y I O
2. It solves problems. It takes user experience into consideration. It delights, satisfies and inspires you. It’s a design.
3. Hello, I’m Yue. I’m a senior student majoring in Industrial Design at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, intending to apply for postgraduate study.
4. About. Bio Education Internship Skills Name Industrial Design Costumer Solutions Intern Yue Fan University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, China CS, Haworth Furniture (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Sketching Modeling and Rendering Impression Drawing Born 2015.9 - Present 27 February 1997 Basic Subjects Contact fyue0227@gmail.com 2018.10 - 2019.1 Shanghai Jianping High School, China 2013.9 - 2015.6 O2O Platform Design Intern CD, Unilever Services (Hefei) Company Ltd. Shanghai Branch 2018.7 - 2018.10 Acquainted Software
5. 05 Strategic Analysis Portable Headphone Amplifier .06 Product Design Space Rearrangement in Restroom .11 Longboard · Daning: Tango .15 Tissue Box .18 Multifunctional Infusion Chair .21 Soundproof Screen .25 Dynamic Chair: Infinite .29 UX Design APP for Partaker .33 APP: Partner .37 Graphic Design Pattern: FY .41 Font: Fragment .44 Appendix 3D Animation:'>Animation: Camaro 3D Animation:'>Animation: Lip
6. 01. Portable Headphone Amplifier Strategic Analysis for B&O To enhance brand competitiveness and expand product line, we suggest B&O to launch a portable headphone amplifier for its headphone. Group Work
7. Business Analysis Company Profile B&O play Culture Bang&Olufsen is a worldfamous Denmark audiovisual brand. The company aims to create audiovisuals combined with excellent technology and perceptual charm. B&O PLAY delivers standalone products with clear and simple operations - portable products that are intuitive to use, easy to integrate into your daily life, and deliver excellent high-quality experiences. Our founders defined the special duality that is at the core of our brand; the encounter between artists and scientists, and between design and engineering excellence. Today, the spark that comes from diversity and differences in attitudes and ideas continues to shine in “friendly battles” between different departments and teams, with the ultimate goal of giving birth to unique combinations of design and technology. 07 SWOT Strength • • • • Design The most advanced factory The deep understanding of acoustics B&O’s has the experience of manufacturing small amplifiers. Weakness • • • • • Very few high-end customers High production cost high price Long research and development cycle Not enough propaganda The potential of headphones is not fully realized. Opportunity • • • • • • New customers shop by B&O PLAY People’s pursuit of design and experience Poor sound quality of mobile phones. DAC and amplifier have a solid market. Customers prefer mobile audio experience. B&O’s customers have good purchasing power. Threat • • • More intense market competition The likelihood that customers will buy cheap alternatives Customers complaining about the sound quality doesn’t meet with the high price. Strategy SO Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy: • • • New customers grow into high-end customers Make a DAC and amp to meet the need Increase users’ stickiness. ST Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy: • • • Continue to advance the design level and product process to prevent competitors from going beyond Design better to make customers accept the premiums Make a DAC and amp to enhance the performance WO Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy: • • Targeted advertising Quickly update the product line to meet the trend WT Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy:'>Strategy: • • • Find a new product line to win the competition Abandon the low-end customers Enhance the performance of the existing headphones to make their sound quality meet with the high price.
8. Brand Analysis Brand Architecture Heritage Bang & Olufsen is • • • • • a product brand. a big group. made up of several wholly-owned subsidiaries that do divided cooperation. B2C. a brand which provides audio products, television sets, and telephones. Design Performance Humanization Craftsmanship Design that naturally makes our products express how they want to be used. We deliver best sound and acoustic performance in our class of products. We adapt technology to fit human needs, not the other way around. We are always honest in our material choices and pay attention to every detail in the design and assembly. Features and Advantages Comparison with Sennheiser IE80 Beoplay H6 • • • • • H6 has a good appearance. It is made of qualified materials and fits user’s head comfortably. However, mention to sound quality, it is not as good as what it looks like. Although it performs well in high audio frequency, its performance in low audio frequency is poor and it’s difficult to amplify, which is obvious when using an amplifier. Therefore, a powerful amplifier is necessary - in other words, H6 can be improved a lot. Inline remote and microphone Share your music with Daisy Chain functionality True comfort High quality sound Premium durable materials IPHONE SE IE80 ZX100+PHA3 H6 Competition Chord Mojo • Positioning Sony PHA-3 • • Three translucent frosted glass textured globe buttons control volume and switch and the color changes with music. Informative, subtle and dynamic sound Cigarette case size and 180g weight • • • • Performance of bass and mid-range is not very good. Too many interfaces and hard to use Connecting cables needs to be purchased separately. Runs warm and gets hot when charging the battery Portable Humanization Acoustics Dual outs • • • • • • • • ICEPower The look is utilitarian but thoughtful. Stellar sound quality 384-kHz/32-bit and DSD-capable File compatibility Too large to be portable Runs hot and gets hotter when charging the battery Too many interfaces and hard to use No power adapter High Energy Efficiency Quick Charge
9. Brand Sustainability Camp Create Re-Create Empowering people to upcycle vintage speakers on an open-source platform. Students from all over the world working together exploring sound and the meaning of innovation. 09 Target Market Profile Customer Characteristics/Demographic Age Sex Education Income 18-29 All High education RMB 15,000+ per month Nationality Marital Status Occupation Purchasing Power Developed and developing countries All Student/ Designer/ Freelancer/ Auditors/ Photographer .etc. Good purchasing power Persona Michael Smith, 25, American, photographer Life Style Fashionable, Observant, Light luxury Life Style Fashionable, Independent, Aspiring Needs Unique Design, Creativity, High aesthetic audio, Immersion experience Needs Good taste, Convenience, High-quality sound experience Values High-quality, Simple but wonderful design Values Powerful, High-quality, Cool design Goals Enjoy the best music whenever he wants it Goals Have a good taste in design and music Yue Shi, 29, Auditor, Chinese
10. Design Indicating light Specs: ICEPower amp inside 1×input 384-kHz/32-bit and DSDcapable and quick charging Big switch 2×3.5 mm headphone jacks Weight: 105g Battery life: Up to 12 hours Dual outs for sharing Baby skin feeling material USB Type C Gen 3.1 Use Beoplay APP to customize your sound
11. 02. Space Rearrangement in Restroom Product Design · Space Arrangement To balance the privacy and publicity in restroom, I want to avoid embarrassment by space arrangement. Individual Work
12. Publicity and Privacy in Restroom the Increasing Level of Privacy in Restroom Restroom Restroom is a private space in public. It provides a private space for people to do some relatively private things to a certain extent. Publicity Public Privacy Restroom Toilet Compartment With the reduction and closure of space, the level of privacy increases. According to everyone’s different comfortable zone, the more private space he is in, the more private things he is willing to do. Restroom is a private space in public. It’s a ‘shelter’ for people to do private things. The space inside can be divided into two parts: restroom(less public) and toilet compartments(more private). Women’s Needs in Restroom Women have higher demands of restroom than men because they will: • Straighten themselves up (fix makeup, make clothes neat, etc) • Take baby with them • Take handbags in the restroom. Comfortable Zone Comfortable zone shows one’s tolerance degree of letting others (family, friends, strangers, etc) be however close to him. It varies from one to one. Someone wants to go to the toilet together while someone can’t endure others sitting on his bed. Functional Structure in Restroom Infrastructure in restroom is toilets(in toilet compartments), mirror and washbasins (in passage of the restroom). The function of mirror and washbasin are put together. However, mostly they are not both needed at the same time. Mirror is much more needed than washbasins. • Wash hands - Washbasin Only • Straighten themselves up - Mirror Only • Take out stains from clothes a. fix makeup - Washbasin and Mirror b. fix hair • Treat wound - Washbasin and Mirror c. fix overcoats • Fix underclothes - Compartment and Mirror Survey on Comfortable Zone To what degree would you like to be exposed in the restroom while there are several strangers in it? I would like to expose: • wrist 98% • back 17% • take off forearm 86% • underclothes • shank 82% arm 42% • 3% • thigh 31% belly 19% • • buttock 11% when I fix clothes(overcoat, underclothes) or treat wound. Where would you like to fix makeup/ hair/ overcoats/ underclothes or treat wound? In the restroom or in the toilet compartment? What facility would you use? Fix makeup/ hair/ overcoats - Restroom 97% - Mirror Fix underclothes - Compartment, Restroom 89% - Mirror Treat wound - Restroom(finger, wrist, shank) 87% Compartment(arm, back, belly, buttock) 78% - Mirror, Washbasin Mirror is frequently needed. According to the survey on comfortable zone, People are more willing to do private things in the compartment. But sometimes they have to do these things in the restroom(less private) because they need to use mirror(81%) and washbasin(19%). And sometimes washbasins are occupied when people only use mirrors. It’s the ‘battle’ between privacy and the requirement of installation. So is it possible to set aside another type of space?
13. Concept Development Space Position Location: in the restroom(outside compartment) Position: ’less private’ space Function: provide space of ‘less privacy’ and ‘less closure’ Installation: mirror, platform(placing object), rubbish bin Concept a. The space gives people a feeling that though they are in such a public place as restroom, they are not exposed to strangers. b. The space is open but people won’t be disturbed if others notice that they are inside it. c. The installation in the space satisfies people’s needs. Draft 13
14. Scenario of Use
15. 03. Longboard · Dancing: Tango Product Design · Form For form practice, I deliberate the form of dancing board. Individual Work
16. Concept Development Structure A skateboard consists of deck, griptape, trunks, pads, wheels, bearings and mountings.
17. Final Visual 17
18. 04. Tissue Box Product Design · Redesign To avoid tissue dropping into the tissue box, I suggest to make a foldable tissue box. Individual Work
19. Initial Research Scenario 19 Survey of Solution I do the market research of tissue boxes and discover that there are two main ways to avoid the problem: putting the box straight or compress the space in the box. Then I do brain storming to find ways to realize it. Horizontal Placement - Upward Extrusion Vertical Placement Horizontal Placement - Extrusion to the Middle Horizontal Placement - Downward Extrusion
20. Design Usage Structure
21. 05. Multifunctional Infusion Chair Product Design · Redesign To improve infusion experience, I redesign the infusion chair. Individual Work
22. Initial Research Medicine flask pole According to the survey, during infusion, 74% of polled people are tired of observing the medicine flask to ensure there is medicine inside. And I observe that patients prefer to hang the medicine flask on the same side of the injected hands. Belongings Patients have to bring medicine to the hospital on their own. Besides, they have other belongings, such as cellphones and keys. Killing time The process of infusion is very dull, so patients always prepare equipments for entertainment. But the infusion chair doesn’t support well - they feel tired to hold iPads for a long time, especially when they only have one free hand. Chaperonage Accompanying people occupy spare infusion chairs.
23. Concept Development 23
24. Innovation Explained Flexible Medicine Flask Pole The medicine flask pole can be adjusted to fit patients’ needs. Patients can put flasks on either side they like. When the medicine in the flask runs out, the pole will make a sound to remind you to call a nurse. There is a sensor monitoring the weight of the flask in the pole. Locker The locker is under the cushion, so you don’t need to pay much attention to your belongings. Folded Chair The folded chair is under the cushion and on the locker. Accompanies can sit on it. Besides, when patients feel uncomfortable during infusion, they can put their feet on it to lie down. Tray Table Tray table can support you when you use electronic devices or read books during the dull infusion. You can put devices and books on it. Then they are at the comfortable level for your eyes to watch.
25. 06. Soundproof Screen Product Design · Traditional Technology To isolate in space and sound, I regard sound insulation as a new function for the screen and integrate traditional processing technology into it. Individual Work
26. Initial Research Product Research Screen Sound Insulation Principle Screens appeared three thousand years ago as symbols of fame, position and power. After continuous evolution, screens have derived a variety of forms and have more functions. Main Types: There are two main ways to insulate sounds: sound absorption and sound insulation. 1.Sound Absorption: use sound absorbing materials. When sound waves pass through barriers, they are absorbed by layers of materials. The effect of sound absorbing of using multiple materials is stronger than using single material. 23 Seat Screen (with octagonal base) Insertion Screen (on the desktop, with base) Hanging Screen (for wall decoration) Curving screen (foldable, without base) Despite the variety of screen styles, the main function of the screen is to isolate and maintain its stability. However, the seat screen is too bulky to move easily; the insertion screen is used as ornament in most cases; the hanging screen can’t move its position; the curving screen is used in interior where there is no wind and isn’t stable enough to stand out. Nowadays, there are increasingly demands for private space. Even at home, a space where nobody disturb and one can easily connect to others is needed. However, wall partition can’t meet the requirement of changing space size and ordinary screens can’t isolate sound in the space though it perfectly divides the space. This puts forward a new functional requirement for the screen - sound insulation. 2.Sound Insulation: Shapes (like arcs, louver, labyrinth, etc) can reflect sound waves so that sounds are insulated. But the sound in the area beyond the height of the sound insulation screen can’t be insulated successfully. 3.Intermediate Vacuum of Double Layer Glass: Vacuum can insulate sound transmission. Therefore, I’d like to use multilayers of different types of thin wooden pieces and cambered surface to achieve perfect sound insulation effect. Also, wood has been used since a long time ago, so I want to integrate traditional wooden processing technology into the screen. Traditional elements Twenty-four Solar Terms Twenty-four solar terms refer to 24 specific seasons in the stem-branch calendar, which indicates seasonal changes. They are formulated according to the position changes of the earth on the ecliptic. Traditional Processing Technology Carving e.g. Summer Solstice Cut the wood, stone, plastic and other objects (cut through the material carve through) to produce the desired pattern. Wood Inlaying Embedded in wood with materials of various textures to form various patterns
27. Concept Development 27
28. Innovation Explained Soundproof Screen The soundproof screen can reflect sound waves from other places by the double arcs at the top. The upper and lower arcs can keep the sound waves in its own space from losing and have the function of gathering sound waves. Four small seasonal screens The soundproof screens can be divided into four small seasonal screens and the four small can be combined with each other. The pattern of twenty-four solar terms The four seasonal patterns represent the solar yellow meridian angles of twenty-four solar terms. Each pattern is the split joint of wood and metal.
29. 07. Infinite: Dynamic Chair Product Design · Technology The dynamic chair provides users with a non-visual experience of the inaccessible scenery and the details overlooked in their daily life. Individual Work
30. Initial Research Inspiration Source Entertainment Guide No Vision Sense Daily Life Barrier-free Perceive Environment Sound See A Movie Travel Smell 4D Film Questions about the blind Blind Perception 4D Experience Touch Vision Impairment 3D Brain Storm 01 How to use daily supplies: with the help of the clear-sighted/exploring usage on their own/using products designed for them 02 How to describe an object to them: simulate sound, touch and gustation In conclusion, touch is an important sense for the blind to perceive the world. 4D film is based on 3D stereo film and special effects simulation of surrounding environment. When people watches 4D films, the dynamic chairs simulate the shakes and smells in the scene to make the audience feel they are actually in the film. So, if the dynamic chair can achieve more accurate vibration control and odor simulation, could it simulate the real environment where people can hardly reach? Research on Technology and Conceptual Products Perception (Conceptual) Products 1.Capture objects by camera 2.Convert images to electrical signals 3.Conversion of electrical signals into different forms of stimulus 4.Perceive stimulus and acquire information Electrical signals are converted in different forms to be perceived, including touch and sound. VR : Tactile Simulation People can touch the capacitor screen with fingers or capacitor pen to feel the texture and hardness of the preset material. Tactile sensation is divided into kinesthesia (such as force and moment) and tactile sensation (such as vibration, temperature and tangential force). Smell chip, which has 32 "original flavors", can synthesize more than 300,000 complex odors. Odors need to be generated from specific materials in the "odor box" in printers. The synthesized odor is input by APP, transmitted after encoding and decoded after receiving. 1.Touch: finger, tongue, belly (vibration frequency and strength) 2.Smell: nose 3.Taste: tongue The blind perceive the world through sound, touch, taste and smell. Their sound and touch are particularly sharp. Perception Method 1.Tactile stimulation 2.Voice Cues Technical Support 1.3D Sensory Scanning 2.Image Recognition 3.Sound Recognition Product Position More Technical Research Smell Synthesis and Simulation Different Senses of Perception 3D Needle Matrix Output By using 3D scanning technology, the needle matrix lens see transformation irregularities, the output of three-dimensional shape. Product Description: enable people to perceive environments that they can’t see through simulation Target User: the blind, the visually impaired and the clear-eyed Function: let the visually impaired people experience the outside world where they can hardly reach and enable the clear-eyed to experience the neglected details of life in an environment with no vision.
31. Concept Development 31
32. Innovation Explained The chair can be controlled by APP. In the APP, the parameters of the simulated environment can be set, including vibration, sound, odor and touch and the operation is monitored. Imitate dynamic chair is designed for blind people. Through the simulation of the environment, blind people can feel the world beyond their reach. And for the brighteyed, they can feel the details that are ignored when they have vision. Imitate dynamic chair is based on ordinary dynamic chair but has more abundant vibration, sound and odor effects. It weakens the visual experience and strengthens tactile simulation in the simulated environment, which enables users to touch ‘real’ objects. The armrest is composed of a dynamic lattice and a capacitive screen. When the hand is put on, the palm touches the dynamic lattice and the finger touches the capacitive screen. The lattice will form a threedimensional shape of the simulated objects. The stimulation of the simulated tactile sensation applied under the capacitive screen makes the fingers touch the ‘real’ surface. dynamic lattice speaker capacitive screen nozzle
33. 08. APP for Partaker UX Design To satisfy the need of group-buying, we design an APP for every partaker to form a group purposefully and efficiently. Group Work
34. Initial Research User Research Ni, female, 45, housewife • • • 6 years, sometimes food, household electric appliances, daily necessities Taobao, Jingdong, other regional shopping APPs Yu, male, 16, student • • • Jiang, female, 28, secretary 2 years, sometimes models, books Taobao, Dangdang, xianyu, other secondary transaction APPs • • • 4.5 years, often make-up, clothes, food, daily necessities Taobao, Red Book, other makeup APPs Chen, female, 22, college student • • • 4 years, often carry-out, clothes, food, books, daily necessities Meituan, eleme, Taobao Problem Fresh food • • Difficult to find partakers in limited time Potential partakers are familiar. Related products • • Make-up Difficult to buy desired things. Potential partakers are difficult to connect. • • • Worry about product origin Overseas postage is high. Potential partakers are strange. Carry-out • • Difficult to find partakers in limited time Potential partakers are regional. Current Solution • • Buy more Introduce family members to be partakers • • Release information to find partakers Give up • • Buy more or higher price Introduce friends or colleagues to be partakers • • Introduce roommates to be partakers Choose other food Experiment Development • • Short time (in one day) Partakers are familiar or live nearby. • • Long time (several months) Partakers are strange and live anywhere. • • Long time (within one month) Partakers are strange and care less about postage. • • Limited time (in a few hours) Partakers are needed at once and live as nearby as possible. • Release information and form group automatically Recommend group of similar food category Timely and qualified • Recommend directly to potential partakers Related or similar group recommendation Form group automatically • A third party guarantees transaction. Build credit level system Dismiss group after transaction is finished. • • Quickly locate Recommend information to potential partakers nearby Build group talk among partakers with same taste • • • • • • •
35. Wireframe Journey APP Position Flow Path Age: 18-30 Sex: Female Main Function: Find partakers Type: Foreign purchase Home Follow Pinker Release Home Message Center Top label (user-defined) Banner News Follow Release Group news Brief group information Personal information Form a group Center News Transaction information Settings Wireframe 35 Colour #CB4042 Font PingFang SC #F0CBA5 #F3999A FZYouXian-Z09S #F9ACAD #FBBEBF #000000 #B1BFA4 #94968F
36. Final Visual
37. 09. APP: Partner UX Design Partner is a sports APP aiming at arousing the interest of finding a partner during running. Individual Work
38. Initial Research APP Position Research Functions: Recording sport information, runner social intercourse Target User: People who have fixed exercise habits Features: Dividing the stadiums by region, promoting the interaction among runners and running groups in the same stadium Usage scenarios: Single person looking for partners/people who want partners to supervise them running/running group activities/couple running Place of Use:'>Use:'>Use:'>Use: Unlimited Time of Use:'>Use:'>Use:'>Use: Before exercise/immediateness Frequency of Use:'>Use:'>Use:'>Use: 2-3 times/after releasing information and before starting running Through network research and group interviews, I finds that: 1. The participation rate of most groups activities is low. Factors: Time/Familiarity: The participation rate of groups based on off-line team is higher/Location/Exercise Volume 2. The characteristics of college students’ running behavior: Time regularity/Relatively fixed location Crowd characteristics: young, having sports habits, doing relatively fixed range of activities 3. Running is a relatively personal behavior. Runners can provide incentives to each other but they don’t closely accompany each other. Population Characteristics: Those who have regular exercise habits, enjoy running together and are easily stimulated by partners Gender: All Age: 18-28/55-65/all Occupation: Student/retirement/unlimited Income: Unlimited Expected Goal: Stimulate the group function of sports APPs, find partners and exercise together. Usage Process Release information Find a partner Prepare for running Go to the playground with a partner User Journey Expecting Check the APP and find a partner Release information Start recording Prepare for running End recording Running Start recording by APP Do warm up exercise Running Review the record Stop running and end recording Letting down Go home Check the APP and receive no response After finding the partner and before starting running Complete achievement Go home together Share the record on SNS Share the record Review the record
39. Wireframe Journey Flow Path Home Daily steps Rank, interaction Consumed calories Calendar Tips Muster (location, condition, reward) Muster Competition registration Single/couple/group Friend Run Personal information Message Mileage, time, speed, consumption, routine Center News Achievement, equipment, service Settings Wireframe 39 Colour #583ACC Font PingFang SC #FBFBFB #000000 DIN Alternate #E2B401 #BDB3B3 #B87333
40. Final Visual
41. 10. Patten: FY Graphic Design The personal pattern is based on the first letter of my name. I use the two letters to form shapes and add different elements into them. Individual Work
42. Pattern Development Source Y Y F Y Y F F Y Development Filling:'>Filling: Colors Filling:'>Filling: Elements & & …… Final ……
43. Visual 43
44. 11. Font: Fragment Graphic Design This font is inspired by triangles and styled with small and sharp characters. Individual Work
45. Inspiration Source: Triangle Style: Slim, Keen, Pieces 45 Final
46. Font Poster HANA means flower. It’s made up of the letters of a sentence: Never Compromise.
47. Font Poster 47 HANA means flower. It’s made up of the letters of a sentence: Never Compromise.
48. THANK YOU Please feel free to contact me. fyue0227@gmail.com