SM Group Introduction 2019 韩国SM娱乐的介绍

2. : Korea Exchange : Tokyo Stock Exchange SM Entertainment (KQ: 041510) SM C&C (KQ: 048550)  Visual Content Production Global Entertainment SM JAPAN  Advertising Agency (KQ: 063440)  Printing Business Group HQ  Music  Global Artist Management Global Lifestyle SMTOWN PLANNER  Distribution (TV, Variety Show, etc.)  MC/Actor Management SM Life Design Group  Dream Maker SM China  Drama Production KEYEAST (KQ: 054780)  Actor Management  Drama/Movie Visual SM BRAND MARKETING Production SM F&B Stream Media Corp. SM TRUE SM Southeast Asia (JP: 4772)  No.1 Korean visual content provider in Japan
3. Revenue (KRW bn) 365 269 FY18.3Q 403.7 143 33 “ Key stats 19 13 1.2 (KRW bn) 1995 2018.3Q Revenue1 1.2 404 Total Assets 0.2 982 Cap2 12 1,231 8 1,120 Market 1.2 1995 335x revenue growth since 1995” # of employees 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018E (Source: Company data, DART) 1 Based on 2018.3Q cumulative and consolidated financials, 2 As of Nov 30, 2018
4. INDONESIA SINGAPORE VIETNAM Revenue (KRW bn) SM Entertainment Southeast Asia (to be established in ‘19) CHINA SM Entertainment Beijing SM Entertainment Shanghai USA SM Entertainment USA ADVERTISING AGENCY SM Culture & Contents THAILAND SM True CULTURAL SPACE PLANNING & DEVELOPMENT HONG KONG Overseas Expansion Dream Maker Entertainment Business Initiative SMTOWN PLANNER FOOD & BEVERAGE / DIGITAL MOBILE SMT Seoul / everysing JAPAN AMUSEMENT SM Entertainment Japan SMTOWN@coexartium RETAIL & MERCHANDISING SM Brand Marketing KOREA MUSIC VISUAL CONTENT (Drama/Variety Show Production) SM Culture & Contents SM Entertainment 1.2 1995 Artists débuted: 1996 1997 1998 H.O.T. S.E.S. SHINHWA 1999 Fly to the Sky 2000 BoA 2001 2002 2003 TVXQ! 2004 TRAX 2005 2006 2007 Zhang Li Yin Super Junior The Grace 2008 SHINee Girls’ Generation J-min 2009 f(x) 2010 2011 2012 EXO 2013 2014 Red Velvet 2015 2016 NCT 127 NCT DREAM NCT U 2017 2018E
5. Industry’s top management have led the way in creating the K-pop phenomenon and its evolution into global branded business. 36+ years 20+ years 19+ years 29+ years of global experience in the entertainment industry of global experience in the entertainment industry of global experience in the entertainment industry of global experience in the entertainment industry Soo Man Lee • Founder and Producer of SM Entertainment  Founder of SM Entertainment Awards & Recognitions • Young Min Kim .Founder • • Group CEO & CSO . Group CEO & CSO of SM Entertainment Group • Se Min Han •• CEO . CEO of SM Entertainment So Young Nam .CMO CMO of SM Entertainment  CEO, SM USA  CEO, SM Japan  Chairman of the Board, Dream Maker Beijing  Executive Director, SM C&C COO, SM Japan  Former CEO, SM C&C Former Chairman of the Board, Genie Music  Former CEO, SM Pictures  CEO, Dream Maker  CEO, SM True    Former CEO, Fandango Korea Awards & Recognitions  “The Power Leader of Popular Culture” by The Herald Business  “Korea’s influential CEO Global Manag ement Award” by TV Chosun  “Most Influential K-Pop Leader’s Award ” by Variety500  Ministry of Culture, Sports and Touris m Award  Golden Disk Award for Producer of the Year  Korea Culture Content Overseas Expan sion Presidential Merit Award  “K-Pop Contribution Award”  “Best Producer of Asia Award”  “Best International Producer Award” in China and more Awards & Recognitions  “Korea’s most influential CEO Award” by Dong-A Ilbo
6. SM Entertainment, SM C&C, SM Japan, SM USA, DreamMaker, Galaxia SM, Esteem, Speeker, Mystic Ent., Keyeast, Digital Adventure, SM Life Design Group
7. SM Group manages over 300 artists combined which includes our own trained and cultivated musicians and other casted talents such as MCs, entertainers, actors, models and influencers. MUSICIANS MCs / ENTERTAINERS ACTORS managed artists managed artists managed artists Note: Number of exclusive contracts with artists is as of 31th Oct. 2018
10. Dream Maker (Private) Cumulative Number of Paid Audiences(As of 30 Nov. 2018) Cumulative Number of audiences at SMTOWN Concert 1.6 Million Seoul Held the largest SM-branded concert + Paris Held the first Koreabranded concert in Europe Cumulative Number of audiences at SM Artists’ Concerts 19 Million Tokyo Attracted the largest group of audience as Asian artists = Over 20,000,000 Argentina Brazil Canada Chile China France Germany Hong Kong Indonesia Japan Korea Macau Malaysia Mexico Peru Philippines Poland Singapore Taiwan Thailand UAE UK U.S. New York Beijing First Asian artist to hold a concert at First foreign artist to hold a concert at Vietnam the Madison Square Garden the Beijing National Stadium (Source: Company)
11. SM C&C (KQ.048550) SM Culture & Contents (“SM C&C”) manages Asia’s Top Actors and Actresses KRYSTAL Lee, Yeon Hee Hwang, Shin Hye Kim, Min Jong Kang, SUHOYe Won Do, Kyung Soo (D.O.) Kim, Soo Ro Choi, Si Won (SIWON) Kang Pil Suk You, Ho Gong DaJeong Im Lee, Jae Ryoung Jang, Dong-Gun Lim, Yoon A (YOONA) Kim,Yoo Ha Neul Jang Sang BoA KI DO HUN Kwon, Yu Ri (YURI) MINHO
12. SM C&C (KQ.048550) SM Culture & Contents (“SM C&C”) manages Korea’s Top MCs and Comedians Kang Ho-dong Shin Dong-Yeob Lee Su-Geun Zhang Yuan Oh Jung-Yeon Han Suk Joon Kim Byung-Man Jeon Hyun-Moo Kim Tae-Hyun Park Sung-Kwang
13. SM C&C (KQ.048550) SM Culture & Contents (“SM C&C”) is the largest and the only company that is fully-integrated with capabilities to create and produce visual content including dramas, variety shows, movies and musicals, utilizing its own intellectual property Aired on hours of visual content running time cumulative programs produced channels Created content exported to Drama Productions Wok of Love 2018 SBS Should We Kiss First? 2018 SBS Movie Jealousy Incarnate 2016 SBS Missing 9 2017 MBC 38 Police Squad 2016 OCN SEE-SAW 2016 Musical IN THE HEIGHTS 2015 TV Variety Show Productions Knowing Bros 2015.12~on air JTBC SJ Returns – Season 2 2018.11~on air Naver TV Level UP Project Season 3 2018.08.13~on air oksusu, XtvN, [Thailand] TruelD Cheongdam Key-chin 2018.09.06~on air KAKAO TV, JTBC4, [Japan] DATV Note: Titles shown above are some highlights since SM C&C’s visual production business kicked off (2012 to September 2018). EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune oksusu, XtvN, [Japan] DATV Cool Kiz on the Block 2013-2016 KBS 阳光艺体能 2016 HubeiTV 最强天团 2014 Jiangsu TV
14. galaxiaSM (KS.011420) galaxiaSM manages Korea’s top athletes
15. ESteem (Private) ESteem manages Korea’s Top Models Lee, Hyun Yi Jang, Yoon Ju Lee, Hye Jung Lee, Cheol Cho, Min Ho Woo Park, Ji Hye Jin, Jung Sun Ki, Do Hun Song, Kyung A Kim, Won Kyung Irene Irene Kim, Sung Hee Song, Hae Na Soo Joo YURI Han, Hye Jin Heo, Ji Woong
16. ESteem (Private) MODEL MANAGEMENT Jang, Yoon Ju Han, Hye Jin DESIGNER MANAGEMENT Song, Kyung A Academy / International Promotion and PR FASHION EVENTS 14/15 CHANEL CRUISE OLLECTION 2016 S/S SFW STEVE J YONI P Showroom business ON/OFF-LINE FASHION RETAILER MIXOP 2016 S/S SFW LUCKY HOUETTE Off-line Mixop On-line Mixop
17. SPEEKER (Private)
18. MYSTIC Entertainment (Private) SM Entertainment has a strategic partnership with MYSTIC Entertainment to expand music label MYSTIC 89 TELEVISION Yeo, Woon Yuk (PD) Special Monthly Projects, Artist Albums, Music Festivals Apop Jang Jane, Minseo, Gain, Thunder, Cho, Hyung Woo ALL I KNOW MUSIC MYSTIC ACTORS Park Hyuck-Kwon, Han Chae-Ah, Park Si-Yeon, Kim Seok-Hun and many more
19. KEYEAST (KQ.054780) Keyeast is known for the largest actor management company in Korea Son, DamY Bi Lee, Hyun i Jung, Ryeo Jin, Jung Su Won n Moon, Ka Young Bae, Yong Joon So, E Hyun Park, Soo Jin In, Gyo Jin Son, Hyun Joo Su Bin Kim, Soo Hyun Ju, Ji Hoon Kim, Dong Wook Woo, Do Hwan
20. Digital Adventure (JP.4772) Digital Adventure, a subsidiary of Keyeast, is no.1 Korean content distributer and program provider in Japan CS BROADCASTING BUSINESS MANAGEMENT BUSINESS Korean Content Channels Bae Yong Joon MOBILE / FAN CLUB Plans & operates the official mobile sites Kim Soo Hyun MERCHANDISING Operates artists' fan clubs e-commerce site Off-line Mixop Kim Hyun Joong
21. SM Life Design Group (KS.063440) SM Life Design Group has Drama and TV Show Production, Merchandising and Specialized Printing business Drama Production Show Production Merchandising Specialized Printing
23. X Cultural Space Planning & Development Amusement Retail Food & Beverage Resorts & Wine TEMECULA EMOS ESTATE Winery & Resort Travel
24. SMTOWN@coexartium, a theme park in the city 5/6F Theatre 4F 3F MUSEUM 2F 1F SMTOWN@coexartium SMTOWN@museum 5.8 10 Best Hallyu hot spots in Seoul Million Visitors to date SMTOWN@hologramtheatre Others Chinese SEA 8 Places every k-drama fan must visit in Seoul Million Visitors in 2016 2% 8% 11% Customers by Country 3.1 SMTOWN@changwon Japanese 29% Korean 49%
26. 이진규 대표
28. SM C&C (KQ.048550) Top 10 B2B Travel Agency X Celeb Sole Provider of SM Contents Package X M.I.C.E Unique Exhibition Planner X Access On-line booking service with the largest choices
30. SM C&C (KQ.048550) SM Culture & Contents leads one of the Top 5 advertisement agencies in Korea, continually securing major clients with its expertise and diver se portfolio. Client: SKT Title: NUGU Campaign Client: SK Broadband Title: ‘Hey, bro!’ Client: SKT Commercial Title: ‘T Healthy Walking’ Client: Dong-A Pharmaceutical Title: ‘Best Promotion’ for Bacchus Client: 11st Title: 2018 11.11 Festival Client: Eider Title: ‘Let’s Go See the Stars” feat. Park Bo Gum Client: Eider Title: ‘Styling Film” feat. IRENE Client: Blizzard Title: Call of duty Marketing
31. IRIVER (KQ.060570) IRIVER produces high-end music devices
32. IRIVER (KQ.060570) SM Entertainment is in collaboration with IRIVER, creates a quality brand ‘ASTELL & ASPR’
34. everysing (private) • Users can sing, record, save and share recorded music with others • SM auditions are synced to the application • Enables users to sing duets with artists and musicians
35. everysing (private)
36. everysing (private) Service features • Korea’s No.1 Mobile Karaoke Service • 4M Weekly Singings • 2.8M Total Subscribed Members • 950K Monthly Average Visits Home Search Sing Karaoke SNS & Club My Page Check out what’s popular now! Find your favorite songs & postings! Sing karaoke and join duets! Share your talent with everyone! Be proud of your activities!
37. everysing (private) Fantastic Duo is a TV variety show that features ‘Sing with Star’ service in everysing. Users apply through everysing to win a chance to sing duet with their favorite artists on stage. Applicant everysing App Fantastic Duo
38. everysing (private) Launched in October, 2018, everysing can be experienced on IPTV with daily updated new songs, M/V, duet with celebrities at home. Karaoke comes true everywhere with everysing Bluetooth mic from IRIVER. everysing Bluetooth Mic everysing with IPTV
39. It is composed of PUFF’s official program PUFF TV and users participation service, Live video streaming, where users participate in it. PUFF TV produces programs which interact with users produced by script writers and PDs from professional broadcast channels. Title Time Limit Question Answers Retained Money Media Service & Social ‘Live’ Live Quiz Show
40. Superstar SMTOWN is a mobile rhythm game, featuring over 400 songs from all SM Entertainment artists • Operating service since 2014 • 400+ songs updated • Accumulated 12,000,000 downloads • Max 300,000 Daily Average Users