Meshing up Open Platforms for Financial Services(英文演讲) Aiken


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1. Meshing up open platforms for financial services Dr Aiken Leung 梁侃 VP Technology
2. 自我介绍
3. 自我介绍 Aiken is an evangelist and architect in distributed architecture, hybrid cloud solutions, edge computing and their applications in Financial Services industry across Asia Pacific and Europe. He has been working with major banks and Fintech companies in designing open market data platform and open banking platform. Aiken has nearly 30 years of hardware and software design, development and project management experience. Started with a career in the UK, Aiken worked on applications for human genetic research before working on the largest civilian IT project in the world - the UK National Health Service (NHS) project. He then worked for BEA and Oracle middleware teams prior joining Solace. Aiken has a Doctorate Degree in Biomedical Engineering and an MBA from Oxford, UK. His research expertise was on medical imaging and acoustic modelling of human respiratory system.
4. 目录 • • • • • Event-Driven Business Event Mesh Banking Platform Trading Platform Connecting Platforms
5. Digital Transformation Requires a New Way to Do Business Gartner - “A key distinction of a digital business is that it's always sensing and always ready” IoT Hybrid Cloud Microservices Digital Transformation Machine Learning Mobile
6. And a Shift to Event-Driven Architectures and Thinking Our lives are event-driven… “A key distinction of a digital business is that it's always sensing and always ready, which demands grounding in event processing.” And businesses/IT are becoming increasingly event-driven… – Mouse click indicates user action – Temperature sensor detects threshold exceeded – Serverless computing – Node.js application “Event-driven microservices are the optimal software design model to delivery digital business agility” Source: Gartner Business Events, Business Moments and Event Thinking in Digital Business. 4 August 2017
7. Event Distribution is Becoming More Complicated Public Cloud PaaS iPaaS 1. How do you achieve “Uniform” connectivity and general event distribution? How do you automate and federate environments? Yes,2. you can stitch it across all hybrid together today… 3. How do you scale, govern, make robust & secure? Runtimes Legacy Application Infrastructure IoT
8. The Answer is an Event Mesh Public Cloud • Uniform Connectivity • Dynamic Routing • Elastic Capacity Runtimes iPaaS PaaS Event Mesh • High Performance • High Availability • Security & Governance Legacy Application Infrastructure IoT
9. Ways an Event Mesh Supports your Application Enabling Digital Transformation Connecting Architecture and Orchestrating for IoT Microservices Application Tier Event Mesh Pushing Events from On-Premises to Cloud Services & apps Event Mesh Event Mesh Enabling Across LoBs DataaaS
10. Where does the event mesh fit? Request/Reply Hybrid Event-Driven Microservices Microservices Microservices Request/Reply Hybrid Event-Driven Microservices Microservices Microservices Request/Reply Hybrid Event-Driven Microservices Microservices Microservices Service Mesh Event Mesh PaaS/CaaS/Virtualization Network
11. APIs and Schema Definitions, and Governance • REST/HTTP has a lot of tooling to help define this • The answer for Event-Driven systems is AsyncAPI • A new open-source initiative • used to define APIs and schemas •
12. How do the distributed event brokers work? PaaS Public Clouds API Gateway Event Broker Event Broker Event Broker JMS MQ Event Broker
13. We Need Dynamic Message Routing (DMR) Functionality Public Clouds C PaaS a/b C2 C1 C3 • Use DMR to horizontal scale cluster c/d • Use DMR for hybrid cloud dynamic routing P • Source based filtering & WAN optimization • Persistent and non-persistent messaging a/b S a/b c/d S a/b JMS MQ P Event Mesh S • Click to Connect makes it easy to configure Legacy New Apps Datacenter
14. A Banking Platform SaaS Consumer Loan Wealth Management SME Loan Supply Chain Mobile Payment Fintechs Banking Platform Open API UM Atomic Services Scheduling Mission Control Containerized Microservice Application Framework RAPM Log Center Resource & App Monitoring Diagnosis Automated Operation Platform Gateway OCP Kernel Event Gateway API Gateway Event Governance Configuration Management Service Governance Service Portal DACM PaaS Service and Event Mesh DB Load Balancer Storage SQL / NON L4 / L7 File / Object Big Data Distributed Location Service Distributed Transaction Service
15. A Trading Platform - Edge Computing with Fintech Nodes Edge Fintech Node SaaS Market Data Algo Trading Risk Management Service Delivery Trading Activities Security FIX Engine Blockchain AI Service and Event Mesh Other PaaS Management PaaS Data Governance Member FINDAC Node Other Services Interbank Services Trading Activities Member FINDAC Node Service Delivery Core CORE FINDAC Node
16. Connecting Banking and Trading Platforms Member CORE App Member App Event Broker Internet Third-party Partners CORE CORE App ECN DMZ Event Broker Service and Event Mesh WEB Bank WEB Bank In-a-Box In-a-Box Node Node …… WEB Bank WEB Bank In-a-Box In-a-Box Node Scale Out Event Broker Node CORE App Member App Member
17. Event Topic and Simple Messaging API • Topic: app/account/acc_ID/queryType/currency –Example:'>Example: bank/saving/1234/balance/CNY –Example:'>Example: trade/fx/1234/USDCNY/USD • Subscriptions: bank/current/> trade/equity/*/*/USD • Prefix wildcards in subscriptions: trade/fx/*/USD*/> • The absolute basics: –connect(host, user, pw); –subscribe(topic); –bind(queue); disconnect() unsubscribe(topic) unbind(queue) –publish(message, destination); = [queue,topic] –onReceive(message); // destination // callback interface • And for good measure: –Message doRequest(requestMessage, destination)
18. Meshing Everything Mobile / Web Market Data Fintech Apps API Gateway Event Driven Microservices Event Mesh Event Mesh Banking Partners Customers Event Mesh Internal Audiences AI/ML Analytics Internet of Things Event Broker Event Broker Event Broker