What's coming in Go 1,14


2019/10/05 发布于 技术 分类

1. What's coming in Go 1.14 GoSheffield, 2019 - Daniel Martí
2. Caveat: my personal picks. Still four months away!
3. Some of these aren't merged.
4. Section 1: language changes
5. allow embedding overlapping interfaces https://golang.org/issue/6977
6. len, cap to return untyped ints if constant https://golang.org/issue/31795
7. Section 2: major changes
8. remove SSLv3 support https://golang.org/issue/32716
9. make TLS 1.3 opt-out https://golang.org/issue/30055
10. automatically check and use vendored packages https://golang.org/issue/33848
11. low-cost defers via inline code https://golang.org/issue/34481
12. rewrite escape analysis https://golang.org/issue/23109
13. expose the runtime's hasher https://golang.org/issue/28322
14. add -static flag to go build https://golang.org/issue/26492
15. store package metadata in build cache https://golang.org/issue/31417
16. Section 3: minor features
17. use go.sum hashes from all downloaded modules https://golang.org/issue/28802
18. fail tests that run os.Exit(0) https://golang.org/issue/29062
19. add testing.T.Deadline https://golang.org/issue/28135
20. add Regexp.SubexpIndex https://golang.org/issue/32420
21. report failing test after a panic https://golang.org/issue/32121
22. rewrite the compiler's rulegen https://golang.org/issue/30810
23. change JS mimetype to text/javascript https://golang.org/issue/32351
24. go get golang.org/dl/gotip