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1. v.01 – 18.01
2. La famille Cusine et “Ladies Winemakers” Joan Cusiné Irene Cusiné Mª Àngels Josep Marta Cusiné Casas Carol Jordi Cusiné Joan Cusiné Blanca Cusiné Mª Elena Jiménez Mª Elena Jiménez et Marta Casas, Belle-soeurs et Oenologue Joan Cusiné
3. Our Location / 5 Estates LES VALLS / LES TORRES ELS PUJOLS HISENDA MIRET Mediterranean Sea PARÉS BALTÀ France LA TORRETA Madrid
5. Our vineyard: A unique diversity DIVERSETYPOGRAPHY: 5 Estates from 150 to 800m altitude (490 ft. to 2.600 ft). 5 Estates from 10 to 34 km from the Mediterranean cost. 800 LES VALLS Sitges LES TORRES 700 700 600 600 HISENDA MIRET 500 PARÉS BALTÀ 400 300 CALIZA Y FÓSILES 0 200 100 0 30 km 25 km 20 km 15km 10 km DIVERSE SOILS: STONES 400 Vilafranca del Penedés ARCILLAS ROJAS Y GRISES 34 km 500 LA TORRETA ELS PUJOLS 300 200 100 m 800 RED CLAY GREY CLAY CHALK FOSSILS 5 km 0 Km Mediterranean Sea Ermita de Sta. Maria (Torrelles de Foix) m
6. Organic farming: Offic. certif. since 2004 Alongside with emphasis on tradition and quality, the environmentally respectful cultivation of the vines is key to Parés Baltà’s sense of identity. We cultivate our vineyards organic ally since 1790 and biodynamic since 2012 60 Hectares of lost vineyards in the middle of a protected natural park of 600 Hect. Our own flock of sheeps in order to clean and fertilize our vineyards in Autumn and Winter Our own beehives to help the cross polinization process
7. Biodinamic DEMETER: Certif. since 2012 A type of organic farming that incorporates an understanding of “dynamic” forces in nature. By working creatively with these subtle energies we are able to significantly enhance the health of our vineyards and the quality and flavour of our grapes. Biodynamic concepts. Balance Awareness Life Biodynamic tools. Preparations Compost Cover crop Animals Working biodynamic, our entire vineyard becomes a large garden which we have look after on a daily basis, manually and personally. Each field worker is always in charge of the same plots in order to perfectly know and manage the vines. Calendar
8. Winemaking: Tradition & Innovation The efforts of María Elena Jiménez and Marta Casas, two skilled enologists, are reflected in the quality of our wines by showing fine character and concentration yet with elegance and balance.
9. A wine for any occasion Microcuvées Limited ProductionWhiteWines Cava Microcuvées Limited Production Rosé & Red Wines Microcuvées Cava Gran Reserva R-Evolution Microcuvées SweetWine
10. CAVAS Cavas Reservas. Brut Reserva Brut Nature Reserva Pink Brut Reserva MicroCuvees Gran Reservas. Blanca Cusine Rosa Cusine Cuvee de Carol 70 mths 2nd ferm. Xarel.lo Blend Vintage 48 Mths 2nd ferm. Garnatxa Vintage 90 mths 2nd Ferm Macabeo Blend Vintage
11. R-EVOLUTION Calcari Cosmic Espigol Indigena(s) Mas Elena 100% Xarel.lo 150m alt Chalk soil Xarel.lo Blend 650m alt Clay soil Malvasia de Sitges 700m alt Clay soil 100% Garnatxa(s) 700m alt Clay soil Bdx Blend Terroirs Blend
12. WHITE MICROCUVÉE Amphora(s) Electio 100% Xarel.los / Natural Wines / Amphora fermentation 100% Xarel.lo 100 Years old vineyards Oak Barrel fermentation Oak Barrel ageing Satel.lit / 100% Carinyena Bl / Natural Wine / Complex winemaking process Ginesta / 100% Gewurzt. / Off Dry / Cold Terroir
13. ROSÉ & RED Radix 100% Syrah Radical Rosé Neolític 100% Sumoll 650m alt / Clay Natural Wine MICROCUVEÉ Mas Irene Bdx Blend Terroirs Blend Penedes Power Hisenda Miret 100% Garnatxa 50 Years old Vineyards Penedes Elegancy Marta de Balta 100% Syrah Iron hand in a velvet glove Dominio Cusine 1790 / The selection of our Best Grapes Absis Tempranillo Blend The warmer Penedes expression
14. Sweet MICROCUVÉE Music Blanco 100% Chardonnay Late harvest Music Tinto Tempr & Cab. Sauv. Late harvest
15. Briefing: Philosophy, values & strategy FAMILY WINERY ORGANIC LADIES WINEMAKERS QUALITY Parés Baltà is a Mediterranean Family winery founded in 1790. The philosophy of the family has always been linked to respect for the environment. Certified Organic since 2003. The winemaking is in the hands of Maria Elena Jimenez and Marta Casas, two skilled young women whose efforts are reflected in the quality and the ability to surprise in each of our wines. Our wines are made from grapes grown on our own five estates and are cultivated in an ecological way. The estates have a great variety of microclimates, a mosaic of different soils, and are suitable for different grape varieties. Microcuvée wines give very limited volumes, some of them less than 500 bottles, and are produced only in the best years. They come from vineyards with special soil and microclimates. In these wines we look for elegance, character, and a maximum expression of the terroir. Origen & R-Evolution ranges are wines to enjoy at any moment. Some of them have been produced since the foundation of the winery like cavas. Here our ambition is to improve the quality, year after year.