Jan – Joost Bouwman - From Agile, to DevOps, to BusDevOps. The road taken by ING


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When DevOps gurus talk about the horses doing DevOps (actual enterprises from the 'old' economy, rather than unicorns like startups or Google etc) one of the horses mentioned is often ING. And with reason. ING was an early adopter of Agile development, but soon after made the next step to DevOps. And recently even adopted/adapted the Spotify model to what we call BusDevOps. This talk is about the three stages of the Agile transition of ING in the Netherlands, discussing which changes we went through. Both from an organisational point of view and a cultural point of view. Central to our transition is our engineering culture. Because we believe it is our engineers that make the difference!

2. The Chronicles of the Lion: The road from Agile to Enterprise Agility Jan-Joost Bouwman DevOpsDays Shanghai August 18-19 2017 2
3. a little bit about me Jan-Joost Bouwman • Some 20 years of experience in IT in roles like… • Tester, functional designer (voice response), information analyst, project manager, application manager, Change manager, Process Owner Change Management and now… • Risk management (coordinator SOx testing) • Strong background in Operations and Processes • Self appointed DevOps Community manager @ ING • Privately: birder and traveller • Enjoys tweeting about IT conferences 3 @JanJoostBouwman
4. Who is ING? Market leaders Benelux Challengers Growth markets Commercial Banking 4 Over 40 countries 50,000+ employees Full- service bank Very strong European base Largest bank of NL 450-500 DevOps teams @JanJoostBouwman
5. At ING the Role of IT has changed from Service to Strategy Driver Clear and easy Today straight through processing enables ING to deliver a 5 min instantaneous offering Anytime & anywhere Today internet & mobile enable ING´s customers to do their banking 24x7 via Mobile or the internet Empower Today CRM and predictive banking solutions enable ING to focus on helping customers to understand their future prosperity Keep getting better Agile development methods have enabled ING to constantly deliver new value to our customers 5 @JanJoostBouwman
6. Challenges 6 Aspirations @JanJoostBouwman
7. Three phases of Agile Chronicles of way of working: Agile => DevOps => BusDevOps 7 @JanJoostBouwman
8. Chapter 1: Introduction of Agile/Scrum Start 2011 8 @JanJoostBouwman
9. Chapter 1: Lessons Learned from Agile/Scrum 9 @JanJoostBouwman
10. Chapter 2: Introduction of DevOps Start 2013 10 @JanJoostBouwman
11. Chapter 2: The importance of CLAMS in DevOps 11 @JanJoostBouwman
12. Chapter 2: Lessons Learned from DevOps 12 @JanJoostBouwman
13. Chapter 3: Introduction of BusDevOps Start 2015 Taking Agile to the next level: Business and IT together in a Tribe 13 @JanJoostBouwman
14. Chapter 3: Lessons Learned from BusDevOps 14 @JanJoostBouwman
15. Next steps Improving way of working based on lessons learned Introducing Agility to other departments (outside IT) Transfer of full stack responsibility to DevOps teams 15 @JanJoostBouwman
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