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陈浩,Apache Eagle 联 合 发 起 人 ( PMC 以 及 Committer) eBay 基 础 架 构 部 资 深 工 程 师 (Staff Engineer, Member of Technical Staff) QCon, Hadoop Summit ( 中 国 / 北 美 / 日 本 ), GOPS 等 国 内 外 知 名 会 议 讲 师

2. Apache Eagle Architecture Evolvement and New Features Hao Chen, Lead PMC and Committer of Apache Eagle
3. 个人简介 Hao Chen / 陈浩 Apache Eagle 联合发起人(PMC 以及Committer) eBay基础架构部 资深工程师 (Staff Engineer, Member of Technical Staff) QCon, Hadoop Summit (中国/北美/日本), GOPS 等国内外知名 会议讲师
4. Agenda Introduction New Features and Use Cases Architecture Evolvement What’s Next Q&A
5. Apache Eagle - Introduction Apache® Eagle™ analyzes data activities, yarn applications, JMX metrics, and daemon logs etc., provides state-of-the-art alert engine to identify security breach, performance issues and shows insights. Oct, 2015 Apache Eagle v0.3 Release Apache Incubation Apr, 2016 Apache Eagle v0.4 Release Jan, 2017 Jul, 2016 Apache Top Level Project Apache Eagle v0.5 Release March, 2017
6. Apache Eagle - Introduction Apache® Eagle™ analyzes data activities, yarn applications, JMX metrics, and daemon logs etc., provides state-of-the-art alert engine to identify security breach, performance issues and shows insights. Ingestion (Metric/Log/Event) Processing (Parsing/Enrich/Aggregation) Alerting (CEP/Correlation/ML) Insight (Storage/Dashboard)
8. Trustable Ecommerce Platform APPLICATIONS / DATABASE Log Metric BIG DATA PLATFORM CLOUD PLATFORM Event Critical Event Vision • Availability • Security Capability • Monitoring • Alerting
9. Big Data in eBay Eagle was initialized by end of 2013 for hadoop ecosystem monitoring as any existing tool like zabbix, ganglia can not handle the huge volume of metrics/logs generated by hadoop system in eBay. Hadoop @ eBay Inc 100+ nodes 1000 + cores 1 PB 2010 2007 1-10 nodes 2009 50+ nodes 3000+ nodes 10,000+ cores 50+ PB 2012 2011 1000+ nodes 10,000+ cores 10+ PB 2015/2016 10,000+ nodes 150,000+ cores 250 PB 2000+ user Hadoop Data • Security • Activity Hadoop Platform • Heath • Availability • Performance 7+ 10000+ 250+ PB CLUSTERS NODES DATA 10 B+ DAY 500+ 50,000+ EVENTS / METRIC TYPES JOBS /
10. Apache Eagle - Typical Use Cases 1 Service Health Check Service and process aliveness, JMX status as well as JVM GC 2 Bad Node Detection Detect soft failure issues, Linux filesystem ACL, disk full 3 Security Monitoring Instantly identify sensitive data access and malicious operations 4 Job Performance Monitoring Hadoop, Spark job profiling and performance analysis
11. ...... ...... ...... Apache Eagle - Overview YARN Daemon Log Audit Log JMX Metrics Ingested in real-time 1 Source processing and policy enforcement in real-time 23 Job Log System Metrics Extensible Monitoring Use Cases Dynamic and Scalable Engine Flexible Policy Definition Service Heath Node Failure Job Performance Downgrade Security Breach
12. Apache Eagle - Components Eagle Apps JMX/System Hardware Metric Service/Process/Topology Availability HealthCheck Hadoop Monitoring Apps MR Job Monitoring Spark Job Monitoring Cluster Capacity Analytics Job Performance Apps Hadoop Audit/Security HBase Audit/Security Job Access Security Hadoop Security Apps Eagle Core App Framework Lifecycle Manage StaticResourceApp Dashboard/Analytics Features/Policies StreamingApp Ingest/Process/Aggre gation SchedulingApp HealthCheck/Anomal y Detector Jobs Alert Engine Streaming and Real time Storage Engine Easy and Fast Query Scheduling Engine Job Workflow Scheduling Eagle Interface UI Dashboard API Integration
13. Apache Eagle - Case Onboarding 1. Register a new Monitored Site 2. Choose and Install Application 3. Configure Application 4. Administrate Application 5. Define Alert Policies and Explore Alerts 6. Analyze with Dashboards and Insights
14. ...... ...... Apache Eagle - Architecture Daemon Log YARN Audit Log JMX Metrics Job Log Metadata (Metadata-driven) Config Policy Applications (Process/Job/Policy/View) Stream Messaging (Kafka) Alerting (Storm) System Metrics Metric/Entity/Log System Metrics Storage (HBase) Onboarding Administration Alerts Monitoring Insights
15. Apache Eagle - Application Framework An “Application” is case-oriented solution package Installation: Application user guide, configuration, management Ingestion: Provide data ingestion/collection approaches to integrate any kinds of monitor data sources Process: Analyze data source based on Storm Topology or Spark Streaming App Alerting: Stream: Structured stream exported for alerting with eagle alerting engine or persistence in eagle storage Model: Complex built-in policies or policy templates defined in SQL/Java code/ML model, etc. Insight: Monitoring Analytics UI or Dashboard
16. Apache Eagle - Application Execution Eagle UI REST API Application Manager ● Loader (SPI) ● Lifecycle/Admin ● Configuration ● Monitoring Eagle Server StreamingApp Ingest/Process/Aggreg ation SchedulingApp HealthCheck/Detector Jobs and Workflows StaticResourceApp Dashboard/Analytics Features/Policies Eagle Apps Execution Runtime
17. Apache Eagle - Distributed Alert Engine ● Real-time Streaming: Apache Storm (Execution Engine) + Kafka (Messaging) ● Declarative Policy: CEP and Extensible Alert Model in streaming way ● Dynamical Onboarding & Correlation: Connect to new stream and change Stream Grouping in Runtime ● Hot Deploy & No Downtime: Metadatadriven and lightweight alert logic assignment Messaging from MetricStream[(name == 'ReplLag') and (value > 1000)] select * insert into outputStream; Alert Engine Notification Slack Insight Action
18. Apache Eagle - Distributed Alert Engine Example 1: Alert if hadoop namenode capacity usage exceed 90 percentages from hadoopJmxMetricEventStream [metric == "hadoop.namenode.fsnamesystemstate.capacityused" and value > 0.9] select metric, host, value, timestamp, component, site insert into alertStream; Example 2: Alert if hadoop namenode HA switches from every a = hadoopJmxMetricEventStream[metric=="hadoop.namenode.fsnamesystem.hastate"] -> b = hadoopJmxMetricEventStream[metric==a.metric and b.host == a.host and a.value != value)] within 10 min select a.host, a.value as oldHaState, b.value as newHaState, b.timestamp as timestamp, b.metric as metric, b.component as component, b.site as site insert into alertStream;
19. Apache Eagle - Distributed Alert Engine User Interface: Register Data Source -> Design Stream Model -> Define Alert Policy Coordinator ZK Notify (Schedule) Metadata Topology Manager Management Services REST API (Schema/Policy) START/STOP REST API Alert Insight Data Source Extensible Data Source Dynamic Sorting/Grouping Declarative CEP Policy Elastic Resource Pool
20. Apache Eagle - Distributed Alert Engine Coordinator ZK Notify (Schedule) Metadata Topology Manager Management Services REST API (Schema/Policy) START/STOP Stream Receiver Stream Router Policy Evaluator Alert Publisher Stream Receiver Stream Router Policy Evaluator Alert Publisher Alert Insight Data Source Stream Receiver Stream Router Policy Evaluator Alert Publisher Topology Resource Pool
21. Apache Eagle - Distributed Alert Engine From Policy Definition in User View Schedule Assignment to Engine View define stream SystemMetricStream ( metric string, host string, device string value double); from SystemMetricStream [name = "disk.usage.metric" and value > 0.99 ] #window.time(30 min) group by host, device insert into SystemAlertStream; SourceSpec SortSpec Source: kafka topic Schema: SystemMetricStream Window: 5min Margin: 1min Partition: PartitionSpec Group by host, device PublishSpec Publish: SystemAlertStream PolicySpec Process: CEP Execution Plan
22. Apache Eagle - Distributed Alert Engine 1 Define new Policy Metadata 22 Trigger Schedule 33 Rebuild Assignments 66. Pull notified version of metadata SourceSpec PartitionSpec PolicySpec PublishSpec Coordinator 4 Notify with latest version 55. Watch notification AlertZKRoot/ receiver/ router/ evaluator/ publisher/ 8 Connect and flow stream through alert engine Stream Receiver Stream Router Policy Evaluator 7. Update components runtime according to metadata changes Alert Publisher
23. Apache Eagle - TSDB Storage Engine • Light-weight ORM Framework for HBase/RDMBS • Full-function SQL-Like REST Query • Optimized Rowkey design for time-series data • Native HBase Coprocessor • Secondary Index Support @Table("alertdef") @ColumnFamily("f") @Prefix("alertdef") @Service(AlertConstants.ALERT_DEFINITION_SERVICE_ENDPOINT_NAME) @JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true) @TimeSeries(false) @Tags({"site", "dataSource", "alertExecutorId", "policyId", "policyType"}) @Indexes({ @Index(name="Index_1_alertExecutorId", columns = { "alertExecutorID" }, unique = true), }) public class AlertDefinitionAPIEntity extends TaggedLogAPIEntity{ @Column("a") private String desc; @Column("b") private String policyDef; @Column("c") private String dedupeDef; Query=AlertDefinitionService[@dataSource="hiveQueryLog"]{@policyDef}
24. Apache Eagle - What's Next Eagle Alert Engine on Apache Beam • Unified streaming on Spark/Flink Eagle Integration with Ambari/Cloudera Manager • Seamless connect monitoring data source Eagle on Cloud • Support deployment and monitor service on AWS Unified Monitoring Applications • Monitor real-time/online platform like Storm/Kafka/Database, etc.
25. Apache Eagle - Learn more Community • Website: http://eagle.apache.orgGithub: http://github.com/apache/eagle • Mailing list: dev@eagle.incubator.apache.org Publications • EAGLE:'>EAGLE: USER PROFILE-BASED ANOMALY DETECTION IN HADOOP CLUSTER (IEEE) • EAGLE:'>EAGLE: DISTRIBUTED REAL-TIME MONITORING FRAMEWORK FOR HADOOP CLUSTER
26. Apache Eagle - Community
27. Open Source If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. -- African Proverb Open Sourced By
28. Thanks and We are Hiring! http://eagle.apache.org dev@eagle.incubator.apache.org apache/incubator-eagle @TheApacheEagle
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