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数字分析公司Digi- Capital的一份报告指出,VR/AR产业到 2020年总估值将达1200亿美元。预计到2020年,全球头戴VR设备年销量将达4000万台左右。2016年各大品牌将会陆续发布消费者版的产品, 内容制作方也会快速跟进,相关技术可被广泛应用在游戏、娱乐、医疗、工业、航天、国防、教育等多个领域,越来越多的开发商都致力于虚拟现实技术的软硬件开 发工作,因此我们有相信在2016年将迎来VR/AR行业的大爆发,相关产业链的公司将明显受益。为推动中国AR/VR产业快速发展并加强与国际交流合 作,我们决定在中国上海举办首届全球虚拟现实与增强现实中国峰会2016。

1. The virtual reality agency and content studio
2. Agenda Who we are Introduction to VR Our response to the current VR market Our case studies VR digital integration - Content promotion
3. WHO WE ARE VR STRATEGY CONTENT STUDIO CAMPAIGN MANAGEMENT - Roadmap - VR campaign design - VR content design - VR concept development - VR scriptwriting/copywriting OUR CLIENTS - Production services - Live action shooting - Green screen shooting - Animation - Motion design - 3D modeling - Stereoscopic - Live streaming - Post-production - Content strategy - Content distribution - Channels management - VR event management (cardboards /HMD) - In-store installations - Mobile-site / VR APP - WeChat campaigns - Youku VR / Youtube / Facebook 360 / Specialised VR media - VR analytics (soon) Founded in 2015 by Eloi Gerard (CEO) and Rob Ellis (ECD) After a strong consulting career at Deloitte, Eloi has been working as a film producer in Belgium. He arrived in China 4 years ago to work in management position in advertising, production and post production. Rob, executive creaitnivfeilmdiraencdtoar,dsvteurdtiiseidngillfuosrtrmaotioren tahnadn a5nyimeaartsioinn iCnhMinaan.chester and worked
4. INTRODUCTION TO VR Augmented Reality Virtual Reality Mixed Reality OUR FOCUS
5. OUR RESPONSE TO THE CURRENT VR MARKET 2016 - THE VR RACE IS ON How could VR enhance brands and shopping experience ? How could brands trigger emotions in virtual reality ? How is Crow’s Nest helping brands running ahead ? In-store devices Cardboards distribution VR experience during events
6. CASE STUDIES - AUTOMOTIVE Challenge Solution Promoting among developers a platform called Car Easy APP, focused on the internet of things. Peugeot Citroën distributed customised cardboards at TechCrunch event. Through an immersive VR experience, developers understood the high stakes of these new technologies. What we did Concept development Production of a corporate VR experience: creative direction, live action shooting shooting, postproduction Integration on WeChat Customised cardboards production
7. CASE STUDIES - RETAIL Challenge 20th anniversary of Metro in China On this occasion, Metro wants to promote stores and membership cards. Solution Metro distributes customised cardboards in strategic points to attract customers through an immersive VR video presentation. What we did Production of a corporate VR experience: creative support, live action shooting shooting, animation, post-production
8. CASE STUDIES - TRAVEL & LEISURE Challenge - Increasing sales with VR by enhancing the customer experience and let them “Try it before you buy it” - Building Thomas Cook brand in VR Solution Thanks to our meaningful VR strategy, Thomas Cook has in mind that the whole customer interaction will be in VR in the future. The first step is to build VR brand awareness, build a VR content library and the first VR APP (VR mobile-site integrated in WeChat). What we did VR strategy for China, VR concept development, VR script writing Production of VR experiences (destination film, brand experience) Creative direction, live action shooting, post-production (animation & motion design) Customised cardboards production Content strategy and distribution WeChat integration Youku VR
9. VR DIGITAL INTEGRATION - CONTENT PROMOTION PAID MEDIA VR advertising campaigns - Pre-roll advertising system implemented on content platforms such as Youku VR, Baofeng, CNTraveller - High-quality content - Targeting HMD/cardboards users and brands TA - Possibility of being redirected to VR commerce platforms (in the near future) Paid influencers - Participating in the content creation and being part of the production as actors OWNED MEDIA Branded VR mobile site - Linked to official brands social media platforms such as WeChat - Ideal platform to spread VR content and easily sharable EARNED MEDIA Viral - Word of Mouth - UGC on social media platforms - VR, as a new media, has a high viral potential among people CO-BRANDING By working on a co-branded campaign, brands will all benefit from each others owned media and earned media
10. Thanks for your attention Crow’s Nest is a leading virtual reality cinematic studio in China, specialising in virtual content creation. Combining storytelling and filming expertise with 360 VR technologies, we build new worlds and amazing immersive experiences, from concept to production, and deliver content-driven campaigns online and offline. Thomas Cook, Club Med, Metro and PSA trust us to tell their brand stories and explore with us endless possibilities in VR. For more information, contact Eloi Gerard: WeChat ID: eloigerard