Simplifying the World of Virtual Reality with HDBaseT


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数字分析公司Digi- Capital的一份报告指出,VR/AR产业到 2020年总估值将达1200亿美元。预计到2020年,全球头戴VR设备年销量将达4000万台左右。2016年各大品牌将会陆续发布消费者版的产品, 内容制作方也会快速跟进,相关技术可被广泛应用在游戏、娱乐、医疗、工业、航天、国防、教育等多个领域,越来越多的开发商都致力于虚拟现实技术的软硬件开 发工作,因此我们有相信在2016年将迎来VR/AR行业的大爆发,相关产业链的公司将明显受益。为推动中国AR/VR产业快速发展并加强与国际交流合 作,我们决定在中国上海举办首届全球虚拟现实与增强现实中国峰会2016。

1. Simplifying the World of Virtual Reality with HDBaseT Ariel Sobelman, President, HDBaseT Alliance
2. What is HDBaseT Technology?
5. The Ultimate Standard of Digital Connectivity Over a Single Cable
6. HDBaseT: 5Play Convergence on a Single Cable HDBaseT Source Audio Video Ethernet Power 100m/328ft Cat6 Cable Control USB HDBaseT Display
7. HDBaseT Took Over the Pro-AV Market Receivers Switches Projectors Displays
8. A New Reality for Virtual Reality
9. The Cable Revolution 3 Cables: HDMI + USB + Power HDBaseT: SINGLE 4-pair Cat6 UTP cable, 3mm diameter, 10m length
10. Headset Setup
11. Headset Setup USB Power HDBaseT HDMI
12. Front Side
13. Front Side Audio USB HDBaseT Power HDMI
14. Back Side Audio HDBaseT: No Belt Clip – HDBaseT directly from Headset
15. Back Side USB Power HDMI HDBaseT Audio HDBaseT: No Belt Clip – HDBaseT directly from Headset
16. The Alliance Community
17. The HDBaseT Alliance 5 Board Members 16 Contributors 170+ Members 17
18. HDBaseT Alliance Goal To standardize & promote HDBaseT technology as the global standard for the transmission of uncompressed ultra-HD multimedia content for professional AV, automotive, industrial and consumer applications
19. HDBaseT is Everywhere 19
20. HDBaseT Alliance Milestones AND THE EMMY GOES TO… 2010 Incorporation 5Play introduced (Spec. 1.0) 2011 Certification Program announced HDBaseT becomes pro-AV de-facto standard 2012 New HDBaseT embedded products: projectors, displays, AVRs 2010 2011 2012 2013 Spec 2.0 released 2014 Installer Zone community formed; thousands of members worldwide 2013 2014 2015 IEEE announces adoption of HDBaseT 150 members milestone reached Automotive Plenary Working Group established HDBaseT Automotive introduced 2016 HDBaseT developer Valens awarded Emmy® “Stand-in-aStand” initiative launched at ISE 2016 Premier “Train the Trainer” program 2015 2016
21. HDBaseT Worlds
22. HDBaseT & Virtual Reality Forecast of over $3-5Bn VR hardware market by 2020 HDBaseT brings considerable benefits: Single cable to transmit HDMI (audio & video), USB & power Much lighter & manageable Longer distances, more flexibility, enhanced user experience Uncompressed transmission for a near-zero latency experience
23. We Live in an HDBaseT World
24. Thank You