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数字分析公司Digi- Capital的一份报告指出,VR/AR产业到 2020年总估值将达1200亿美元。预计到2020年,全球头戴VR设备年销量将达4000万台左右。2016年各大品牌将会陆续发布消费者版的产品, 内容制作方也会快速跟进,相关技术可被广泛应用在游戏、娱乐、医疗、工业、航天、国防、教育等多个领域,越来越多的开发商都致力于虚拟现实技术的软硬件开 发工作,因此我们有相信在2016年将迎来VR/AR行业的大爆发,相关产业链的公司将明显受益。为推动中国AR/VR产业快速发展并加强与国际交流合 作,我们决定在中国上海举办首届全球虚拟现实与增强现实中国峰会2016。

1. Information Analytics Expertise SEPTEMBER 2016 VR GAMES: OPPORTUNITY ASSESSED Chenyu Cui, Analyst at IHS chenyu.cui@ihs.com © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
2. IHS: A leader in market research 9000 employees 2500 research analysts 140 offices $2.5bn revenues VR Games: Opportunity Assessed IHS Technology: Research covering the entire technology, media and telecom value chains: from silicon to the end-user technology.ihs.com © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
3. Pokemon Go sparks the interest of AR games VR Games: Opportunity Assessed © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Source:'>Source: roadtovr.com Source:'>Source: modojo.com
4. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Consumer VR in context: Why the excitement? © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
5. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Direct consumer spending on entertainment media is a growing $404bn business © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
6. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Games spending dominates the digital opportunity © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
7. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed USA and China secure major funding for VR games production © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
8. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed VR games development faces challenges © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
9. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed The VR headset market is bifurcated at present and relevant to multiple platform types: smartphones, PCs and games consoles Smartphone adaptor headsets $5 - $99 + smartphone © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Integrated display headsets Source: Author $499 $799 + PC or console
10. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Unsurprisingly, cheap VR adaptor headsets is where most of the competitive action is taking place in 2016 +195% Source:'>Source: othree https://flic.kr/p/o83BwL https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/'>https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/ © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Source:'>Source: Maurizio Pesce https://flic.kr/p/pencZT https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/'>https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/
11. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed But where are the content strategies for these adaptor headsets? • Samsung stands alone with its evolved VR content strategy. • But even Samsung is relying on 2D video services and user generated content. • Google’s approach lays framework for content distribution but is handsoff in terms of premium content. • Other smartphone vendors are relying on UGC and third-party apps… © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Race to win means hardware is well ahead of the VR content curve
12. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed In the short-term a relatively fragmented headset market © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
13. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed That fragmentation not aided by non-standard input mechanisms Photo Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit: Oculus Press Kit Photo Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit: Sony Press Kit © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Photo Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit: Microsoft Press Kit Photo Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit:'>Credit: Author
15. The future of VR games monetisation? VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Microtransactions Premium/Retail $1.21bn by 2018 Advertising Offline (Cafe, stores, theme parks, etc) © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
16. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Where is the real VR games opportunity? © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
17. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed There is limited premium content available in 2016; Games lead the way Free, promotional or adsupported • 360° video – sports, travel, journalist, user generated • Promotional VR ‘experiences’ / trailers • Games and games demos Premium, paid for © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. • Games • 180° adult video • Cinematic VR and premium VR ‘experiences’ • Live event streaming in 360°
18. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed Early VR consumption of games suggests a deviation from tastes on other platforms Source: Oculus Share, IHS Up to August 2015 © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
19. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed VR Content Spending: Games will dominate the market © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
20. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed PSVR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift become the major platform for games developers while Daydream dominates mobile sector © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
21. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed North America and Europe are the main markets in early stage while China is playing catch-up © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
22. Key takeaways: VR Games: Opportunity Assessed 1. The rapid growth of investment and consumer spending on VR games indicate potential opportunity. 2. Fragmented market and non-standard peripherals present hurdles for market development 3. The profitable premium model for VR games poses challenges for Chinese market where freemium titles dominate 4. Exploration and casual games are popular as some other titles require more advanced technology support 5. China is likely to become one of the major market of VR games in our fiveyear forecast © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
23. New VR research! Get in touch to find out more. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed • Detailed databases and visualisation of VR hardware and VR content forecasts by platform and country. • Extensive insight report examining platform strategies and market opportunity and potential. • Visit technology.ihs.com to find out more or come and find me after this presentation. © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
24. Thank You © 2016 IHS. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. VR Games: Opportunity Assessed