ironSource开发者沙龙 - 互动广告的设计和影响力

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ironSource开发者沙龙 - 互动广告的设计和影响力


1. ironSource 开发者沙⻰龙
3. 关于我们 ironSource是⼀一家以技术为根本,数据为驱动⼒力力,⾯面向全球应⽤用开发者,提供分发和管理理 全⾯面解决⽅方案的公司 800M ⽉月触及⽤用户 SEP. 2010 建⽴立时间 4,200 每分钟安装 7.5B+ 安转总量量 150B 每⽉月数据获取和分析 700 员⼯工 80K+ 合作伙伴 365 研发技术⼈人员
5. 互动⼴广告设计&影响⼒力力 From Passive to Active: The power of interactive ads Daniel Herman ⾼高级产品经理理
7. Agenda 内容提要 ● Intro to interactive ads 互动⼴广告基本介绍 ● Using in-ad data for optimization 使⽤用in-ad数据进⾏行行优化 ● Creative best practices 最佳案例例分享 ● Creative optimization & soft launch 创意优化和试发⾏行行 ● Looking ahead 未来展望
8. Hello :) I am Daniel Herman
 我是Daniel Herman
9. How did I end up in a creative studio?
 ⼊入创意⼯工作室 ???
10. What are interactive ads? 
11. The 3 ingredients for the interactive ad 互动⼴广告的三要素 Data 数据 Creative 创意 Technology 技术 Interactive Ads 互动⼴广告
12. Non-Interactive Ads ⾮非互动型⼴广告 ● Passive experience 被动的⽤用户体验 ● Limited variables to optimize 有限的优化模式 ● Limited data available 有限的数据⽀支持 ● Banner blindness 横幅盲⽬目性 YESTERDAY TODAY Interactive Ads 互动⼴广告 ● Active experience - literally touching the screen 积极的⽤用户体验—— 触屏体验 ● Unlimited ways to optimize 不不受限制的优化⽅方式 ● In-ad user behavior data ⼴广告内⽤用户⾏行行为数据 ● Stands out - not everyone is using this format 
 From dark to light
14. The Install Process - Regular UA 常规UA下载安装过程 Impression 展示 Click 点击 Install 下载安装 User Engagement ⽤用户互动
15. How playable ads and innovative creatives are changing this structure
 可玩⼴广告的⾰革命性改造 Impression 展示 User Engagemen t ⽤用户互动 Click 点击 Install 下载安装
16. How playable ads and innovative creatives are changing this structure
 可玩⼴广告的⾰革命性改造 Experience +++ +++ +++ Impression User Click Install LTV 展示 Engagemen 点击 下载安装 t ⽤用户互动
17. Regular Ads Flow 
 Impression 展示 Click to Install After Game End 游戏结束,点击下载
18. Playable User Behavior Flow 
 可试玩⼴广告⽤用户⾏行行为流程 Impression 展示 First Engagement 初次互动 Midway milestone (3 items) 半程打卡(3项任务) Room Completed (5 items) ⼤大功告成(5项任务) Click to Install After Game End 游戏结束,点击下载 49.3% 85.2% 91.8% An illustration of a funnel of an engaged user 参与⽤用户案例例 15.1%
19. Impression 展示 Experience 体验 Click 点击
20. Try before you “buy” “免费试吃” Word cookies - Playable ad 可试玩⼴广告
21. Shaping the story 讲述⾃自⼰己的故事 Corn OR cup ?? 碗装?圆筒? Coin Master - Interactive Video 硬币⼤大师——互动⼴广告
22. Let’s move! ⼀一起出发! Homescapes - 360
23. Augmented reality Lineage 2 Revolutions - AR
24. Interactive ads vs. video ads 互动⼴广告 vs. 视频⼴广告 2x Avg. increase in ROAS vs. the best video ad ROAS 平均增⻓长率 vs. 最优视频⼴广告 3x Avg. increase in conversions vs. the best video ad 转换率平均增⻓长率 vs. 最优视频⼴广告
25. Overcoming the hurdles 克服障碍
26. Engagement Capturing user attention 参与吸引⽤用户
27. Coin Master 4D video 硬币⼤大师4D 视频⼴广告 1 2 Timer Time to choose Interactive elements V1 Visibale Short - V2 Not visible Long Highlighted
28. Coin Master 4D video 硬币⼤大师4D 视频⼴广告 1 2 Insights from A\B 对⽐比观察 Give users time to choose 给⽤用户充分时间选择 Highlight the interactive elements 突显互动元素 +110% Conversion 转化率+110% +220% Engagement rate
29. User flow - It’s all about the experience ⽤用户体验
30. Overall 概述 1 2
31. Overall 概述 Complicated 1 Version 复杂版本 2 +63% IPM Simplified Version 简洁版本 Insights from A\B 对⽐比观察 Simple 简洁性 Divide the playable into levels so the user will feel a progress 划分难易易程度使⽤用户 在体验中获得进步与满⾜足感
32. Motivating for action 激励⾏行行动
33. Golf Clash Playable Golf Clash可试玩⼴广告 Which endframe version worked best? 哪⼀一种结束⻚页⾯面效果更更佳? 1 2
34. Golf Clash Playable Golf Clash可试玩⼴广告 1 2 
 +107% IPM 提升107%
35. Lessons
 经验总结 ✔ Simplification is key 简洁是关键 ✔ Guide users and Be clear ⽤用户导航, 清晰 ✔ Winning works! 使⽤用户在试玩阶段获胜 ✔ Tease users 引导⽤用户 ✔ Be consistent with your app store page与您 的商店⻚页⾯面保持⼀一致
36. New testing grounds 最新尝试
37. Saint Petersburg 圣彼得堡
38. Game Design 游戏设计 Playrix new title launch Playrix新标题发布 Soft launch 试发⾏行行 Hard launch 发⾏行行 Ongoing optimizatio n 持续优化 ironSource Creative Launch ironSource 创意发布
39. The Creative Soft Launch by the ironSource Playworks Studio I
 ronSource Playworks ⼯工作室创意发布 04 Playable Ads 可试玩⼴广告 03 Interactive end cards 交互式 end card 01 Interactive Videos 互动视频 Two weeks 两周时间 Pre Soft Launch Soft Launch 试发⾏行行测试 The ironSource Playworks team produced 8 creatives overall across diverse ad formats. ironSource Playworks制作了了8款不不同⼴广 告形式创意
40. The Creative Soft Launch by the ironSource Playworks Studio
 ironSource Playworks ⼯工作室创意试发⾏行行 Winning creativ e 获胜设计 Winning creativ e 获胜设计 Winning creativ e 获胜设计 Winning creativ e 获胜设计 One week ⼀一周时间 Soft Launch 试发⾏行行 The team spent two weeks A/B testing and iterating in order to find the bestperforming creatives 团队花两周时间进⾏行行A/B 测试寻找最佳创意.
41. Results 成果 100% increase in IPM versus Playrix’s bestperforming video ad 与Playrix 最佳视频⼴广告相⽐比 IPM增⻓长率 60% of ironSource First impressions ironSource 60% 的⾸首要展示流量量 50% decrease in eCPI eCPI下降率 Top 3 rank achieved across the App and Play store charts 应⽤用商店排⾏行行榜
42. Results – Installs 成果——下载安装率 Pre Soft launch Soft launch Global launch
43. What does the future holds? 谁主未来?
44. Ai ⼈人⼯工智能 Personalization 个性化 Deep Linking 深度链接
45. Thank You ! 合作信息: